SynchroNet Intermodal Services, Inc.

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Manager, Customer Support Services

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Sales Manager, North American Domestic Service

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Sales Manager, North American Domestic Service

Contact: Jeff Painchaud

773 857-1024

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SynchroNet Intermodal Services, Inc. (SIS) transforms proprietary customer container data into valuable information and services used to optimize ISO container utilization nationally, regionally and locally. Data from demand, freight, supply, cargo logistics, inventory, deficit and surplus, the broad shipping and container markets, makes SIS the largest North American neutral database in the world. There are practically no transmission methods or formats SIS cannot handle.

The Company’s web-based platform allows our customers direct access to container and transportation information, container interchange opportunities, business rules, container tracking and billing. SIS is known for:
• Innovative cost-saving solutions for optimum equipment utilization
• Automated and competitive R2R™, ramp-to-ramp service with capacity throughout continental North America
• Integrated web-based application for street-turns
• Efficient and effective search services, NADIS™ provides maximum visibility of containers to a wide range of domestic IMCs

SIS specifically targets wholesale intermodal customers such as Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs), shipping lines, leasing companies and traders throughout continental North America. The company’s focus is to synchronize ISO container repositioning needs with cargo demand movements. SIS delivers containers to points of stronger demand, and offers efficient point delivery of disposal one-way containers to premium sale markets.

The company converts data into high value services, having developed and commercialized the industry’s only real-time software platform to optimize the movement, tracking and invoicing of quality 20', 40' (standard and high-cube) and 45' ISO containers and chassis.

Through our real-time optimization processes, SIS’ technology analyzes container flow and imbalance data on a large scale. We use sophisticated algorithms to identify and facilitate matches between container users and suppliers. The value of SIS, as a company is that we:

• Gather and organize large amounts of proprietary customer data into valuable information
• Identify and leverage the market value of this information to provide services to benefits SIS customers nationally, regionally and locally
• Act as an intermediary between those who want the specialized information and those who supply the information
• Function as neutral organization / a trusted third party custodian, agent and broker of unbiased information
• Operate on the presumption there is value in data gathered; it provides the means and opportunity for the user to monetize and profit from their own information
• Work in SIS’ customers' best interests - that's the only way our customers trust us with all of their information (data)
• Facilitate business-to-business traffic; has a powerful network-effect economies of scope

Use of SIS’ services significantly reduces costs associated with empty container repositioning and container idle time.

Since 2009, SIS has built and maintained customer relationships, while perfecting our proprietary database technology to deliver valuable cost-saving services. At the core of our business is the trust we have established with our customers, vendors, stakeholders and employees.

The services of SIS include:

R2R™ - Most Efficient Ramp-to-Ramp Service in the Industry
• Services offered by SIS to customers who need container capacity and rail transportation
• Web-based application automates most ramp-to-ramp processes, which include equipment visibility and procurement, rate quotes, bookings, rate billing and shipment track/trace reporting
• The source of containers include: various shipping lines, container leasing companies, truckers and trading companies
• Competitive rail line haul pricing is generated through an extensive network of direct and secondary rail contracts
• Equipment focus includes 20’, 40’ and 45’ ISO containers
• In North America, SIS’ street-turn management reduces merchant’s drayage by a minimum of 40%

NADIS™ - Provides Maximum Visibility of Containers to a Wide Range of Domestic IMCs
• Web-based application, which presents opportunities to reduce empty rail repositioning expenses in the US and Canada
• Provides equipment through a third-party interchange where receiver customers are paid incentives from container suppliers to utilize and reposition containers from surplus locations, and fulfill commercial requirements
• Offers competitive and cost effective repositioning for fleet and trading customers from surplus locations to high demand destinations
• Disposal containers are economically and quickly positioned to high-yield destinations to ensure maximum margins are realized